Call Of Ops 2

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Call Of Ops 2 GamePlay:

Call Of Ops 2 is an online multiplayer shooting game with the first-person view. It allows you to create your room with customized stats or enter an available game and start fighting. If you want to create a new room, you can choose the number of players up to 16 players, and choose to battle in the town, sewer, library or hangar. Then, wait for other players and start the battle. Your main goal at Y8 games for free for fun is to become the last survivor who kills all enemies.

To win, you have to eliminate your enemies within 3 minutes 35 seconds of each match. During the battle, you can use different weapons such as a shotgun, a machine gun, pistol, grenade and more. Based on each situation, you use a suitable weapon to destroy your enemies. Apart from attacking, you also have to defend yourself. You can use any objects around you like the cover to avoid the attack from enemies.

On, each battle least for a short time but it’s enough to chill you out. Eliminate countless enemies and secure your victory. Here, there is no friendship but only enemies. There is no certain rule here, so you can play like the way you want. Shooting skills are not the only factor deciding whether to win or lose in the game.

You also have to take action fastly and accurately. You don’t have to much time to carefully aim. Other players can shoot you at your back. So, watch out all directions. Enjoy more FPS games such as Mountain Operation and Bomb The Bridge


WASD/Arrow keys to move

Mouse to aim and shoot

T to chat

D to buy weapons

Spacebar to jump

C to crouch.

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