Hugie Wugie Runner

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Hugie Wugie Runner GamePlay:

Here is another game about Huggy Wuggy. Have you ever met him? If you usually visit our site, you may find that recently, several games about this cute blue monster are added, and now, here at Y8 boys games, Hugie Wugie Runner is the latest option. When you see its name, you may think it’s an endless runner game. However, it’s actually a bicycle riding game where you need to help our cutie go as far as possible.

Ride down and up the hill while collecting every single battery cell to charge up and keep going further. Your journey of both of you ends when Huggy Wuggy is flipped upside down and can't go back to normal and when the battery bar runs out. That’s why you have to ride your bike carefully and collect all battery cells to keep the battery bar is filled up all the time. A bumpy road ahead of you, how can you pass all obstacles and reach your final goal?

Like other games at, there is no final attempt here. You can restart anytime and try to get better performance than the previous one. Both riding your bike up the hill and down the hill is challenging. You have to find the best way to keep balancing to avoid being flipped over. Speed up when needed and slow down when you have to slow down. For example, if you ride down the hill at a high speed, you’re easy to be flipped over.

The more you play, the more experience you have. Have faith in yourself. Besides, make sure you don’t miss the following options: Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure and Bike Racing 3.

Controls: Arrow keys.

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