Pixel Zombies

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Pixel Zombies GamePlay:

So many games about killing zombies out there and on Y8 games. What is your favorite one? You may have a long list of your favorite games, right? Today, let us introduce to you the latest option about zombies on our site. It’s called Pixel Zombies. It’s a simple and fun tapping or clicking game where you have to tap or click to kill zombies. You don’t have any weapons or special abilities to defeat them except for your taps.

Yes, zombies are going to dominate the whole world. You have to stop them at all costs. As mentioned above, what you have to do is to click or tap on them to kill them. They run fast and many of them will come at once. So you need to be faster than them. Each accurate attack is important. If you miss one, you’re more struggling to defeat them later.

Here at https://m.y8y8y8.games/, you have 3 lives at each level. With each zombie cross the line, you lose a life and you can’t earn more lives during the battle. It tests your hand speed. Your hand speed must be faster than zombies to take their life. Of course, like other games, the challenging level won’t be the same. The later stages are much harder than the previous ones. More zombies will come and their movement is faster than ever before. You will know how long until the war ends by looking at the bar on the left of the screen.

Without any help or power-ups, are you able to stop them? It’s hard to tell. Play and find your own answer. Don’t forget to explore other free games such as Stick Clash Online and Archer Peerless.

Instructions: Tap or click on zombies to kill them.

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