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There are so many hit songs right now. Do you know about classic songs sung by legendary singers in previous decades? Do you like all the songs of idols and young singers nowadays? Let’s test what you know about music in a fun guessing game called Top of the Spots. Which songs are the top in the Spotify right now? This game is really challenging because you may not know which songs are played more.

Your main goal at y8 games 2 player is to get as many right answers as you can. On the screen, there are 2 songs sang by different singers shown each time. All you need to do is to choose your answer that you guess it is played more than the other one. If you are right, a new song will appear and you keep choosing until you fail. You may be surprised by some of the results because it doesn’t seem you guess. Fake Love by BTS and Perfect by Ed Sheeran, which one is the winner?

It’s hard to tell, right? On, you can play alone or challenge your friends in social media to find out the true champion. Besides, you may know more about music, songs, and artists. There are many songs that you definitely haven’t listened before. It’s also a chance for you to explore more favorite songs. Just tap or click on the song that you think it is the winner and wait for the result. How many scores can you get? Have fun!

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How to play:

Tap or click on your answer.

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