US Map Quiz

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Are you good at geography? Test your geography knowledge about USA with a fun and useful puzzle game called US Map Quiz. Play for free and find out how many scores can you get. For those who live in other countries, this game may be too challenging for you. So, you can search and observe carefully the map of the USA first. Then, start playing.

The USA has a total of 50 states and your mission at y8 free games is to drag and drop each state to the right location in an empty map of the USA. Do you think that you can place all 50 states with 50 tries? To reach the achievement, you should complete this game in the shortest time and fewer tries. The whole US map is presented on the screen. You won’t allow choosing the state of your choice.

Each time, each state will show up and you have to drag and drop it to the right position on the map. If you are wrong, the right location of that state will appear with red color. And you can learn from your mistake. Besides, you have to place in the district.

On, if you will find it hard to play in the later stages on most of the game, then with this puzzle game, you will easily figure out the location of the leftover states over time. Play and learn at the same time. Improve your knowledge about USA’s geography. Have fun! Train your brain with other puzzles game such as Merge Fish and Dice Wars


Drag and drop using your mouse or finger.

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