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Superfighters GamePlay:

Superfighters is a hot action-packed shooting and fighting game that now you can play for free at It’s considered one of the most popular shooting games out there not only because of its gameplay but also beautiful retro-style graphics. With several characters, weapons, and game modes, you will have hours of joy here. Before jumping right into any game modes, you should go through the instructions first. It will offer you everything you need to know to control your character, use weapons, and so on.

You will have a little practice there to get ready for the battle. After the instructions end, you can choose one among three game modes including VS mode, Stage mode, Survival. Basically, your mission in VS mode and Stage mode is the same. All you need to do is to kill every enemy that appears in front of you before they kill you. Once all enemies are killed, the new stages will be unlocked. As the name suggests, Survival mode requires you to survive as long as you can. To reach that goal, you have to protect yourself from enemies by killing them.

In this exciting y8y8 game, you can kill your enemies with fists or different kinds of weapons. You can pick up weapons and switch weapons as well. One more awesome feature of this game is that it also features 2-player mode that allows you to fight with your friend on the same device besides 1-player mode. You don’t have to seek enemies because they will come to you. Sometimes, you need to run away if you don’t have any weapons on your hands.

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Controls: Arrow keys to move, N to swing your fists, M to shoot, “,” to throw grenade, “.” to use power-ups.

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