Oddbods Monster Truck Challenge

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Oddbods Monster Truck Challenge GamePlay:

You may have never had a fun race before. Do you know Oddbods? For those who don’t care about the cartoon. Oddbods is the famous animated series consists of 7 furry characters of different colors. Fuse, Slick, Bubbles, Zee, Pogo, Jeff and Newt are waiting for you in a racing adventure filled with joy, exciting things and more. If you are ready for the show, let’s join them and have fun together in Oddbods Monster Truck Challenge – one of the funniest racing games at y8 jogos online. You can play as one of seven characters and start the race right away.

Your goal is simple to reach the finish race as fast as you can. It’s easy to finish a level, but complete the race with 3 stars is challenging. To add more fun and competitiveness to your gaming experience, you can set a goal such as collect 3 stars in all levels.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, unlike other racing games, you don’t have boost or power-ups to help you gain more scores. It’s all up to your skill. Both speed and balance play an important role in winning. You must control your monster truck wisely by knowing when to lean forward and when to lean backward or use the brake at the right moment to avoid crashing.

Each character has their own style and personality. All of them are cute. They make your racing experience more fun. You can change to another character after finishing a race. Break your own record and find the joy in other games such as Modern Car Racing 2 and Russian Train Simulator


X to boost, Z to brake, right/left arrow keys to lean forward/backward.

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