Stick War: New Age

Rate: 77.5% | 3.9/5 (8 Player)


Stick War: New Age GamePlay:

Stick War: New Age is an exciting stickman fight game that you shouldn’t miss – one of the best games at for sure. Click Play button and get your weapon ready to leap your way through the obstacles and shoot down every single enemy that appears in front of you. Otherwise, you are eliminated. Your enemies are there to wait for you to show up. Be careful. Your life is not only threatened by enemies but also by deadly traps.

Try your best to kill enemies, even they are far from you. Don’t let them approach you. If they come too close to you, you hardly dodge their attack. There are 40 levels and they’re connected. When you reach the door at the end of the current level, you move to the next one. Each level has several checkpoints. Pass the checkpoint and you will revive at that point if you die because of enemies or traps.

It’s not easy to pass all levels, even level one. Right from level one, everything is challenging. You may die several times after you’re able to pass a level. Each level in this Y8 online game doesn’t require you to come to the exit within a given time; therefore, you should move and take action slowly and carefully. You are easier to be killed by traps than enemies. Watch out for your jump, leap, and step.

Move step by step to come to victory and don’t be afraid to be killed. You can start over and make a breakthrough. Try hard and you will enjoy the labor of fruits. Good luck and have a great journey. Check out the following options whenever you want: Zombie Last Castle 3 and Duel of wizards

Instructions: Arrow keys to move and left-click to shoot.