Super Tank War

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Super Tank War GamePlay:

Super Tank War brings you to a thrilling battlefield where you have to defeat all enemy tanks if you want to survive. Of course, you are alone and you deal with a powerful army of tanks. At y8 war games, you are sent to the battlefield alone and your main goal is to blow up all the tanks of your enemies. However, you can’t see them right away because they are hiding in the dark.

As you move around the map, the light will follow you and it makes your enemies reveal. Then, you have to shoot at them right away before they attack you at the same time. Move back or move forward a little bit to lock your enemies in your shooting range, then take their lives. Once you have the first shot, all enemies will move towards you at the same time and attack. You should combine well between attack and defend.

On, while enemies haven’t been shown up, you take your time to shoot at the boxes to collect coins and medkits to recover your health. Don’t know how many enemies you have to defeat in each level. You have to find out by yourself. Your enemies become more powerful as you level up. Then you have to buy performance upgrades such as armor, visibility, turret speed, and movement speed and purchase weapons such as minigun, shotgun, ricochet, flamethrower, cannon, and more to increase your power and the chance to win.

Sometimes, you can be killed just by some shots of a powerful tank from your enemy. Have fun with dozens of levels with 3 difficulty levels and don’t forget to play other games such as Metal Animal and Cyborg Slayer.


WASD or arrow keys to move and left click to shoot.

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