Soldiers Combat

Rate: 90% | 4.5/5 (14 Player)


Soldiers Combat GamePlay:

Soldiers Combat is undeniably a great action-packed shooting game. It has cool graphics and awesome gameplay and you will be attracted by those elements once you try the first level. At y8 skill games, each level of this game requires you to collect 3 hidden keys to winning. You can find them under the boxes or from enemies. They won’t appear directly and wait for you to collect them. You have to shoot boxes and kill enemies blocking your way.

When you shoot at those boxes, you can get some useful objects that help you a lot on your journey. Then, you shouldn’t go away without collecting them. One important thing you can’t miss is coins. Coins are used to unlock new heroes and weapons. New guns and characters have better stats than your original ones. So make sure you unlock them whenever you have enough coins.

On, you have only 2 minutes and 1 life to finish your mission. If you die because of falling into the gaps or enemies, you have to play that level from the beginning. This makes the game insanely challenging. You can you’re your life and have to restart easily even when you are about to reach your goal. It requires you to take action carefully and stay focused on doing the mission. Otherwise, you can’t unlock the next level and get stuck in the current one for a long time.

Like most games, you face more challenging missions later on. You can’t guess what is waiting for you next. That gives you a surprising experience while playing. Enjoy it and why don’t you check out other games after that? Some of the best options for you are Crusader Defence and No One Escape.


Arrow keys to move and Spacebar to shoot.

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