Soldiers Fury

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Soldiers Fury GamePlay:

Soldiers Fury is a simple shooting game. However, simple doesn’t mean that it’s boring and it has no twist. You will be surprised at how challenging it is. You alone fight with hundreds of enemies, will you complete the mission? Jump on the battlefield and find the answer at y8 survival games. Basically, your character autoruns forward and you just need to control him to move left and right to shoot at the target or avoid being attacked.

Initially, only a few enemies appear but gradually you will face an army. So to deal with them, you must take advantage of weapons and power-ups that you can collect along the way. Shoot at enemies reward you coins and you can use coins to buy upgrades that make you more agile and stronger.

On, shoot some randomly appearing explosives on the map to kill multiple enemies at once. Like other games, over time, the game becomes more challenging. Enemies attack so hard that makes you difficult to dodge. Your health is limited, so if you get shot too much, you lose. So it’s essential to buy upgrades. To buy upgrades you have to collect money. To get money, you kill enemies. You go through the process like that. Enemies keep coming and if you keep trying, you won’t lose this battle.

This is not only a fun shooting game on our site. Apart from shooting games, you also can play different genres. Just have a look at all categories and you will find your favorite ones. Now, let us introduce you to some enjoyable ones such as Zombie Shoot and Battalion Commander.


Use right and left arrow keys to move.

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