Two Aliens Adventure

Rate: 85% | 4.3/5 (4 Player)


Two Aliens Adventure GamePlay:

They are friends but they can’t meet each other in person because they live in two different worlds parallel to each other. It’s a story about 2 cute aliens in an enjoyable platformer game called Two Aliens Adventure available at Y8 unblocked at school. The truth is that they never meet but they always accompany each other in every adventure. One runs the other runs. One jumps and the other jumps as well.

You control the green alien in the upper world and the blue one in the lower world will perform the same move with the green one. Like other platformer games, you jump and run through a series of obstacles to collect a certain number of gems to get the keys. With two keys, two aliens can open the door at the end of each stage to move to the next one. Gems link to the keys. If you don’t collect enough gems, you will never get the keys. Two worlds are different.

Therefore, sometimes due to terrain, the characters are not synchronized with each other in terms of movement. At that point, you have to change the pace of movement to make two characters start at the same point. On, there is no enemy but it’s still challenging. Control one character but make both characters move and grab the gems that belong to each other is not easy. Time your movement and do not rush.

Make everything slowly but steadily and you can find the perfect solution to deal with each obstacle that you face. Many surprises are waiting for you to discover. Have fun and check out other games such as Atari Centipede and Hextetris.

How to play: WASD, Arrow keys, Touch, or gamepad to play.

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