Idle Higher Ball

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Are you looking for a hyper-casual game that is simple to play but hard to master? Then, Idle Higher Ball is a perfect option for you. Among tons of choices that you can find, why Idle Higher Ball is a must-played game? It’s a basketball game but you won’t play basketball the way you know it. Your main objective is not to get as many scores as possible by throwing the ball into the hoop. Instead, your ultimate goal is to make the ball fly straight to the finish line by using a catapult to throw it. And you won’t throw it once.

As soon as it hasn’t reached the finish line, there is no limit to the number of times you throw the ball. While it flies in the air, you should prepare. It means you should pull the catapult to keep throwing the ball and make it fly as high as you can to achieve a new record of scores. Here at y8, when the ball reaches the red areas, you tap or click on the screen to make the ball bounce forward. A level is clear only when the ball passes the finish line. With the score each time you get, you earn coins.

And you can use coins to upgrade ball bounce and ball speed. Upgrading is insanely important. It helps you reach your goal easier and faster. So, spend money on upgrading whenever you have enough money. Besides, coins are also used to unlock new skins for the ball. Enjoy your time here and make sure that you check out other fun games on our site such as Basketball Challenge and Flip Skater Idle

How to play: Mouse.

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