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Drawmaster is an enjoyable puzzle and shooting game about drawing. How many games about drawing have you ever played at Y8y8 games? It’s kind of boring when it comes to drawing games, isn’t it? Games about drawing seem to be designed for kids but this one is different. Here, your main mission is to kill all enemies with your exceptional drawing skills. How? You draw the most perfect trajectory to shoot down every enemy at each level.

The line must be seamless from the beginning to the end without breaking. If the line is broken, the bullet will only fly to that point and you will not complete the task that the level requires. And if you fail, you can restart that level or move to the next one right away without having to finish that level like other level-based games at https://m.y8y8y8.games/. On some levels, especially in later on levels, you’re not easy to draw a perfect trajectory anymore.

You will deal with obstacles. It means you have to draw a trajectory without hitting the obstacles on the way. Weapons can't go through obstacles but have to go around them. Luckily, weapons don't just fly in a straight line. It can fly in any kind of line like a zig-zag or curve. The weapon will fly in any line you draw as long as the line is seamless. There are 33 levels and several options of weapons in the store.

To purchase new weapons, you have to collect coins. Draw a trajectory that goes through coins to collect them. Have fun and there are so many games on our site waiting for you to discover. Some of them are I'm a skateman and Mini Stills

How to play: Touch or mouse to draw a trajectory.

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