Protect My Dog

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Protect My Dog is a fun yet challenging casual puzzle game that tests your problem-solving skills and drawing skills. This y8 com com game has 40 levels in total with increasing difficulty. Your main goal here is to protect the dog from being attacked by the bees for 10 seconds. You just need to draw any shape, so that it protects one or more dogs (depending on level) from the attack of bees for 10 seconds.

Keep in mind that your drawing process must be seamless (do not remove your hand from the screen when you have not finished drawing). If you lift your hand, you don’t have any chance to keep drawing, even if your shape hasn’t been finished. As long as you don't let go, you can always draw the shape. In addition to being stung by bees, dogs are also threatened by heights, depths, and sharp objects.

Here at, when you finish drawing, the bees begin flying towards the dog. If the shape that you draw is ok, the bee fails and it will disappear after 10 seconds. Otherwise, you have to restart that level and draw again. Whatever you draw, make sure it can cover the dog and prevent the bees from attacking. As mentioned previously, the challenging level of the game increases as you level up.

You not only protect one but two or three dogs with only one chance to draw without lifting your hand. In any level where you have to protect more than one dog, if one dog gets attacked, you also lose. Have a great gaming time and don’t forget to explore more games on our site such as Merge Pumpkin and Jewel Halloween

How to play: Mouse.

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