Jumpers 3D

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Jumpers 3D GamePlay:

Jumpers 3D is a simple game with an easy goal. It challenges you to jump over the obstacles. It seems so simple but you will be amazed by its challenges. At school games y8, you will see a platform like a clock. In each level, you stand in a random position like you stand in one of twelve numbers of a clock and when the rotating stick like the hand. This stick rotates clockwise and each time it comes to you, you have to jump over it to survive.

In each level, you compete against some opponents. If you get hit by that stick while your opponent overcomes it, you lose and you have to play that level once again. As you come to the next round, it becomes harder to show off yourself. The stick will rotate faster and it rotates 2 and more rounds. Timing is the key to this game.

On Archero, you have to take action at the right time. Jump a little bit late or soon and you will die. The more you play, the better your performance will be. Practice more and you will be a better time over time. This game doesn’t require too many skills, so everyone can pick up and play, even kids. Just jump at the right time and move to the next level. There is no power-up or something like that.

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Use up arrow key to jump and down arrow key to crouch.

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