Protect The Earth

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Protect The Earth GamePlay:

The earth is in danger. It’s attacked by tons of asteroids, meteorites, and flying objects. Yes, there is no alien army attacking the earth but a lot of asteroids with different sizes and shapes flying towards our planet. If you don’t stop them, they will collide with the earth and it will be blown up. Here in Protect The Earth at y8 boys games, your mission is to protect the earth from the asteroids as its name. Send out the orbit a rocket to stop these flying objects colliding the earth.

Your rocket shoots at asteroids, meteorites, and flying objects automatically, so you just have to move it to make sure it shoots right into the intruders. You have only 3 lives on each level and the earth also has 3 lives. If the earth is attacked too many times, it will be blown up and you have to start that level once again. Besides, if the asteroids crash into your rocket, you also lose a life each time and when you run out of life, you lose.

On, shoot at asteroids, meteorites, and flying objects to make them blow up and you will collect some helpful items which are shields, boosters, bonuses, and so on. They help you so much in this epic battle, so don’t miss any of them. Upgrades are important because as you level you, more and more asteroids, meteorites and flying objects appear and you can’t deal with them with your original rocket.

Take full advantage of these power-ups and you can defeat invaders easily. Get ready for the challenges and you are sure to finish this mission. After that, don’t forget to check out more games on our site such as Enemy Aircrafts and Mr Jack vs Zombies.

How to play:

Use your mouse to control your rocket.

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