Potion Ingredient Match

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Potion Ingredient Match GamePlay:

As you are the new apprentice for Y8's new game: Potion Ingredient Match, you will be in charge of the tough work to become the best witch in town. The daily work of yours includes searching for the right ingredients and mix up a batch of the potion as requested. There will be two halves of the boiler for each turn. Collect the necessary ingredients following the check-list, then fill up two halves at the same time.

You need to pour the ingredients slowly in order to avoid spilling out of the bottles. If you do it too fast, the potion will not be well-mixed and get spoiled easily as well. There are a lot of tricky parts in blending a perfect batch of potion for the witches, so learn from this game and perfect your techniques! Not only will you need to focus on the ingredients but your speed will matter as well. The game comes with vibrant, colorful, and adorable graphics to spice up the Halloween experience for kids.

There are more challenges than what meets the eye, so don't stop before becoming the best witches with various types of magical potions. Let's find out how many levels and bottles of potion you can successfully create before making an explosion! Don't hesitate to share the scores with your friends and register in the Leaderboard to see who has the highest record. Keep in mind that only similar potion ingredients can be put inside the boiler.

Try your best to avoid missing out on any ingredient so that the recipe can be perfect! More games are from the same collection of arcade games like this one, such as Color Magnets from http://m.y8y8y8.games/.

How to play:

Click the mouse and drag to choose and put the ingredients into the boiler.

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