Chummy Chum Chums: Match

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Chummy Chum Chums Match is not just a simple match-3 puzzle game but it’s also a simulator game to avoid adopting and taking care of puppies. At y8 com, match-3 puzzles in this game are the mission that you have to complete to earn money and you use the money to buy furniture for your house and accessories to dress up many adopted dogs. As you level up, more dogs will appear and you can adopt new dogs. Yes, you have to build a cozy home for all the dogs and take care of them.

Like other match-3 puzzle games, you have to collect some specific items and collect a certain number of them to finish each level. Undoubtedly, you have to make it within a certain number of moves. Try to use as few moves as possible to earn 3 stars even though it’s not necessary.

You just need to meet the requirement of each stage and get at least one star to complete the mission by clicking on the groups of more than 3 blocks of the same level, then unlock the new stage on Collect the groups of 4 blocks of the same color and more, you will create some power-ups that can blow up the surrounding blocks, collect the whole column of blocks or collect all the blocks of the same color on the board.

You can stop solving the puzzle and start shopping. Use the money that you’ve earned to buy furniture to décor the house and accessories to dress up your pets. Give those dogs a cozy home and have fun with them. Check out other games in your free time such as Adam and Eve Snow and Space Rush.


Click on the groups of blocks to collect them.

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