Sultan Match

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Match-3 puzzle games never get old. Although there are many different genres of games coming out and a series of new games for each genre are released every day, but people still love to play match-3 puzzles due to its enjoyable gameplay and easy controls. Both kids and adults can pick up and play because there is always a version for them.

Let’s discover the latest match-3 puzzle at y8 unblocked 2 player called Sultan Match. It brings you to a shining jewelry world in which you have to collect as many gems as possible by connecting a group of more than 3 gems of the same kind. Make sure you connect more than 3 gems of the same type. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. You have to each a certain number of points in each level with limited time.

So, check out the time bar and try to finish your mission before the time runs out. You won’t earn any power-ups to get extra time or helpful items in this game like other match-3 games that you have played on Then, this game especially suits kids because it’s simple and easy, it doesn’t offer any complicated features at all. Kids can play without parents. There are 12 levels and if you feel it’s too easy, let’s set up your own challenges by trying to complete all 12 levels in the shortest time or just collecting a certain type of gem at each level.

It sounds challenging and fun, right? Or you simple conquer this game for fun and test yourself with the challenges in other games such as Alex The Alien and Join And Clash 2.

How to play:

Connect the gems with your left mouse.

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