Noob vs Blue Monster

Rate: 85.7% | 4.3/5 (7 Player)


Noob vs Blue Monster GamePlay:

Noob vs Blue Monster is an enjoyable adventure game in which Noob is in trouble right now. He is adventuring and now he is being chased by a blue monster. How can he deal with it by himself? That’s why you are here at y8 games escape.Your ultimate mission is to help Noob get rid of that monster and safely pass all dangers ahead to go straight to his home. Of course, the thing isn’t simple like that.

While escaping from the monster chasing behind, you and Noob also deal with so many dangers ahead such as TNT, spikes, and so on. Once Noob touches one of those deadly obstacles, he is dead and you have to restart that level. Do not stop. Noob doesn’t have time to rest. If he stops, the monster will catch up with him and he has no way to escape at that moment. So just stop when Noob reaches the statue portal.

This game has the same gameplay as so many adventure games at Then, if you have played several adventure games on our site, you will pass all levels of this game at ease. It’s just about running and jumping. Jump over the gaps, the enemies, and other obstacles to keep your life safe and let your adventure go on. You don’t have to collect anything or do any side missions at all.

Of course, it’s easy but it doesn’t mean you will pass every single level without restarting any stage. A tiny mistake will make you start over. Let’s see how much time you need to finish the game. Have fun and enjoy other interesting options such as Tank Rush and Hero Tower Wars Online

How to play: Arrow keys.