Tank Rush

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Tank Rush GamePlay:

So many towers are placed there to block your way. Of course, you won’t allow anything to stop you from moving forwards. Drive your tank towards those towers and destroy them to open the way. Tank Rush is a fantastic platformer tank game that you shouldn’t miss at https://m.y8y8y8.games/. The gameplay is simple but insanely enjoyable. Your tank will change its color all the time.

As you move forwards, you will pass some circles that have different colors each time and your tank will change its color according to the circle that you pass through. Your tank can only destroy towers of the same color as it. If you move toward a tower that has a different color from your tank, your tank will be blocked and you fail. Your tank auto-moves and auto-shoots. What you do is change its direction to shoot at towers of the corresponding color. Sound easy, doesn’t it?

However, because you can’t control the moving speed of your tank, it means you can’t speed up or slow down, you have to stay focused to change its moving direction before it crashes into a tower that has a different color from its. It's not the same as the other tank games you've played at Y8 free games, right? Even though you are not into an explosive war between tanks, it’s still enjoyable to spend your free time playing.

Play and you will know what it means. You do not need to use many skills to clear a level. You just need your hand-eye coordination to move your tank towards the right tower after your tank changes its color. That’s it! If you are wondering if there are other great games to play, here are our suggestions for you: Mr Noob Vs Zombies and Hero Tower Wars Online.

How to play: Mouse.

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