Monster Run

Rate: 46.7% | 2.3/5 (3 Player)


Monster Run GamePlay:

Are you ready for a hurdle? Come Monster Run and a cute creature needs your help now. It wants to climb as high as possible but many obstacles are trying to stop it. Help it fulfill its wish. Here at y8 two player, you may realize that this game is quite similar to an endless runner game. However, instead of running in a road have 3 lanes and dodging all obstacles by moving to left and right, you have to change the side to dodge each obstacle.

You have only one change each time. It means if you crash into any dangers, the game ends and you have to start from the beginning. Like other games, the difficulty level will increases as the monster runs faster. Remember that you can control the speed of your character. It autoruns and you just have the right to change the side. This is a fast-paced react game so if you don’t act fast enough, you can have a high score.

On, try some times and you gradually improve your achievement. The more you play, the higher the score is. Don’t forget to collect stars on the way to unlock new characters in the shop. They don’t have any special skills that help you get a higher score. They are just new in appearance.

However, unlock all characters is a great goal to complete. Try to survive and have the longest journey as you can. Find something fun in other games such as Hurdles and Jump And Splat.

How to play:

Use your mouse to change the side.

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