Kill The Monster

Rate: 60% | 3/5 (2 Player)


Kill The Monster GamePlay:

Kill The Monster is a fun arcade gun. It looks easy and simple but it depends on your skills to win or lose. Here at Y8 com 2 players, you can find this kind of gameplay in so many games. Of course, each option has its own unique features that make it worth playing. Your mission is to kill the boss waiting for you at the end of the path. At first, you don’t have enough power to beat him. That’s why you have to increase strength.

You reach that goal by running through the green panels and avoiding the red ones. You will see both green and red panels has a number. If you go through a green one, you get that number and if you go through the red one, the corresponding number will be taken from you. Avoid the red panels and also enemies at all costs if you want to have enough power to defeat the big boss.

The element of choosing the most ideal calculation to increase the point or decrease the number of points is also present in many games at If you have no chance to avoid the red panels or enemies, just pick the one that has a smaller number to secure your power. If two green panels are in front of you, it’s better to choose the one that gives you the most points, isn’t it?

For example, if your current point is 100, it’s much better to choose the X3 option than plus 50. Don’t forget to pick up the gold coins to unlock new skins and enjoy other amazing games such as Impostor Zombies and Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher.

Controls: Mouse.

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