Ghost Fight IO

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Ghost Fight IO is the latest multiplayer IO game at in which you live a life as a ghost. What will the life of a ghost be? It may be not as harsh or easy as you imagined. You spawn as a small ghost and your main objective is to reach rank 1 on the leaderboard. To make it, you have to consume as many energy dots as possible to get bigger and stronger. Besides, stay away from other ghosts to keep yourself safe.

When you first enter the battlefield, you will easily become prey to other ghosts; therefore, watch out for your enemies. It would be a great idea if you just move around the edges of the map instead of wandering around the center. Because you’re still weak, other ghosts will chase you and eat you. You don’t want to die too soon for several times for sure. If you just enter the battlefield and die after a few seconds, you will feel bored and give up easily. To avoid it, you should stay away from the crowd.

Another piece of advice for you in this Y8 boys games game is to stay focused on collecting little dots to grow up until you can battle against other ghosts and get to the top. Let's see how many days you will live as a ghost. It’s challenging but enjoyable. While collecting energy dots, you will find some useful items such as magnets, shields, or shoes. Magnets help you collect many dots at the same time. Shields protect you from other ghosts and shoes will make you speed up. These items have a shelf life of a few seconds.

Good luck and have a happy life as a ghost. When you want to find something else to play, check out other games such as and Knives Crash io.

Controls: Mouse, arrow keys, or WASD.

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