Tank Fight

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Tank Fight GamePlay:

Join the classic tank battle and enjoy the amazing look and feel that Tank Fight gives to you. It looks simple but it's truly fun and cool. Your main mission is to defense your headquarter and destroy all enemies. Sound intense, right? At y8 2 player games, you can play alone or play with your friends. When choosing the 1-player mode, you will combat against AI. In 2-player mode, you compete against your friends. It's much more fun and competitive.

So all you need to do here is to destroy all enemy's tanks and stop them from approaching your base at all costs. You can move close to the enemy's side but it's better to move around your base and defense here because the enemies will come to you soon. Your headquarter is protected by bricks. Enemies easily destroy this layer and explode your headquarter. Don't let it happen.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, kill enemies and you get money. Then you can use the money to buy upgrades and some useful items in the store. The battle ends when you run out of health, your base is destroyed or all enemies are eliminated. 120 levels filled with challenges are here to test your skills. You start from level 1 and once it’s completed, the new level will be unclocked.

Whether you choose to play alone or play with your friends, you always have the best gaming experience here. Make sure you discover all the features of the game to enjoy it fully. After that, how about check out other options such as Real Jungle Animals Huntingand Soldier Bridge.


Arrow keys to move.

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