Dunkers Fight 2P

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Dunkers Fight 2P GamePlay:

Are you good at playing basketball? There is a nice sports game with craze gameplay at Y8 games online. Do you want to explore it? Dunkers Fight 2P is waiting for you. Participate in this year’s basketball tournament and get the victory. As the game suggests, this game is for 2 players. You can play with your friend on the same device or just compete against the CPU. However, playing against a friend is much more enjoyable than CPU.

Get ready even before the countdown starts. Grab the ball quickly and head to the hoop, then throw the ball through the hoop to score. Try to score as many times as you can to win the match. The gameplay is far different from basketball in real life. You control only one player and your character only jumps around. When the opposing team’s player has the ball, you can approach the target and take the ball.

Defend your hoop well to stop the opposing team’s player from scoring. The team gets 3 scores first is the winner. Here at https://m.y8y8y8.games/, two dunkers compete against each other and only one of 2 players wins. You will find it hard to control your character and you may feel that you can’t control it completely. And it’s true for so many players. Whether you can hit the pot or not depends much on your luck.

Play both modes and try to be the boss of both modes with your amazing skills. You should know that new games come to our site daily. Don’t forget to visit each day to be the first one who explores the new additions. Enjoy other games such as Huggy Skate and Monster Soccer 3D.

Controls: Player 1 uses WASD and player 2 uses arrow keys.

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