Knives Crash io

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Knives Crash io is the latest multiplayer IO game at Y8 juegos where you will compete against the real players. All heroes around the world have gathered here to join an epic knife battle and who is gonna be the winner? Is it you or one of your competitors? Right after you enter the battlefield, you have to focus on collecting knives and staying far away from other players who are stronger than you. If you come close to them while you’re just a newbie, you can’t save your life.

At first, try hard to pick up as many knives as possible. The more knives you have, the stronger you are and the more chances you get to kill your opponents. The collected knives will be rotating around your hero. When you have collected knives for a while, you can start hunting the weaker ones. Just move near to them and your moving knife circle will take your opponents’ life. After that, you can collect all the knives that the dead one left behind.

In this fun battle game at, each match lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds. A match ends when a player killed every single enemy and rules the leaderboard or time runs out. After each match, you will be rewarded with some coins depending on your rank on the leaderboard. With those coins, you can unlock new weapons and skins for your hero. In each battle, you will face different enemies because you will be matched automatically with global players.

This makes the game more enjoyable and competitive. Start collecting knives and devour every single enemy. Good luck and enjoy your time in 2 Chaos Giant and

Instructions: Mouse.

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