Castle Defender Saga

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Castle Defender Saga GamePlay:

Castle Defender Saga brings you to a strategy-packed battle where you have to defend your castle from the attack of enemies. This is one of the best tower defense games that you should try at y 8 games. You have 8 different units including Swordman, Lancer, Lightning maze, Fire maze, Ice maze, Archer, Bomber man, Summoner, and 8 different skills to build up a strong frontline and backline to protect your castle.

By killing enemies, you earn coins and you can use coins to summon new units or upgrade the existing ones. You also get skill points by battling. The skill point is used to increase skill level or exchange into coins. Your unit auto-attack when enemies appear. However, you need to activate their skill when it’s ready. You will know the moment when you can use their skill by looking at the bar above their head. If it’s full, you can activate it. If it isn’t full yet, you need to wait for a while. It’s skill cooldown.

On, to use a skill, you need to spend mana. After some battles where you combat the minions, you will deal with a giant boss. Therefore, upgrading your units and skills plays an important role. By upgrading, damage and HP increase while cooldown decreases. If you aren’t strong enough, you can’t handle some powerful monsters, not mention to their bosses. Losing is normal. You can’t win forever. You can restart the levels that you have conquered to earn coins and gems.

Besides, if you don’t mind, you even can watch promotional videos to claim free coins and upgrades. Wish you luck and after you defeat the monsters successfully, check out the following options: Army Sniper and Titan Swamp Attack.

Controls: Mouse or tap to play.

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