Mergen Candy Saga

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Mergen Candy Saga GamePlay:

Among different game genres, puzzle games still attract a huge number of players. It’s dun, addictive and it varies in level, style, and gameplay. If you want to choose for yourself an amazing online puzzle game, then Merge Candy Saga is the best choice available for free at y8 game new This is a fun match-3 game suits all ages. Everyone can learn the rule and play at ease. There is nothing different between this game and other games of the same genre. Your main goal is to match more than 3 candies of the same kinds to collect them. Each level requires you to collect a certain kind of candy. So, you just need to focus on getting them and don’t care about other kinds.

You can play time trial mode or level mode. In the level mode, 90 challenging and enjoyable stages are waiting for you to conquer. Each level gives you limited moves. You should try to finish each mission with the fewest move. In time trial mode, you have to collect as many candies as possible before the time runs out. Each successful match, you add some times on the time bar. Your gaming time can last for so long as soon as you switch and match candies accurately. Plan your move, observe the whole gameboard and match more than 3 candies in a row.

Every 2 different modes, you can enjoy the hours of fun. If you want your relaxing time lasts longer, please check out the following options: Candy Crush Game and  Candy Match Saga Many new games added each day. Don’t miss them.

Instructions: Switch and match candies using your left click.

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