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Skydom GamePlay:

You know most match 3 games are one-player games, where you will pass the fascinating puzzle levels on your own. What do you think of a match 3 game, where 2 randomly selected players compete against each other online? Welcome to Skydome – a match-3 battlefield.

At y8 com 2 players, you will start a journey filled with challenges and opponents. In this bright and enjoyable puzzle game, you play like other games of the same genre, however there however interspersed with the 1 player levels are dramatic 2-player battles. Here, the matching system will find for you an opponent. Basically, in this battle, you have to collect the specific items more than the opponent to win and continue your journey. If you lose, you have to compete against another player.

On, you have to swap items and make a group of more than 3 similar items to collect them. With more than 4 items is grouped, you get the power-ups that can delete a whole line or eliminate the items surround it or even collect other pieces of a certain item.

Take advantage of these power-ups to improve your chances of winning and complete missions faster. Besides, each level offers a limited number of moves, so your move and your action will affect the outcome of the battle. You must think before making a move and don’t forget to check out the process of your opponent.

When you achieve the goal and there are some moves left, you will earn extra points. Go as far as possible on your journey and experience other adventures in Curve Fever pro and Water The Flower.


Use your left click to swap items.

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