Bunny Graduation Double

Rate: 100% | 5/5 (2 Player)


Bunny Graduation Double GamePlay:

Bunny Graduation Double is a fun and challenging platformer game for 2 players. You can play it yourself as well. Here at https://m.y8y8y8.games/, two bunnies want to meet the guard who is a rabbit holding something in his hands to leave the white land. This land is not safe to live in anymore. Your main mission is to lead them to the guard place safely. If you play this game with your friend, each of you controls a bunny and two bunnies need to reach the final destination to complete a level.

If you play alone, you can lead each bunny to the final destination at a time because two bunnies don’t need to reach the end at the same time. A level will complete as soon as two bunnies meet the guard. That’s it. No platformer games are created without challenging factors. Two bunnies will face so many traps and enemies. Just have a little touch on one of those deadly traps, your characters will lose their life.

Time is not counted and you don’t have to finish your mission within a given time. Therefore, take your time to avoid traps and pass obstacles. Unlike many platformers at Y8 com that gives you weapons to kill enemies, here, the only way to eliminate those enemies is to jump on them. You can jump over them and move ahead instead of managing to kill them. Along the way, don’t forget to collect carrots.

You don’t need to collect every single carrot but the more carrots you have, the more scores you earn. Have a safe and sound journey and make sure you explore other games on our site such as …..and…..

How to play: Purple rabbit uses WASD to move and Blue rabbit uses arrow keys to move.

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