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Slimoban GamePlay:

Slimoban is another version of classic Sokoban that combines with the adventure elements that you can play for free at y8 free games. It promises to bring you an enjoyable journey through the mazes. Do you know Sokoban? It’s a famous puzzle in which you push crates or boxes to get them to the marked locations.

Here, this game gets inspired by the classic game but with a twist. Your main objective is not to push the boxes but to unlock the chest. This chest plays as the exit. Once you reach it, you can move to the next level. Along the way, you have to deal with slimes. They will kill you if you touch them. The point is that you have only one life in each level. However, you can defeat them by using the fireball or throwing them into the water.

On, you should know your enemies to kill them before they kill you. 3 types of slimes that you will face include the green ones just stand still and they don’t get damaged by the fireball but they will die if you push them into the water. Blue slimes chase you and you can kill them in 2 ways. Red slimes are destroyed by pushing into the water. As you level up, the maze becomes more complex and dangerous.

Besides adventuring, you have to solve the puzzles as well. It’s almost about solving the puzzles and keep moving forward. Play the first level and you can’t wait to discover the second level for sure. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out other games such as Golden Goal With Buddies and Draw Missing Part Puzzle.

How to play:

WASD and arrow keys to move

Left click to shoot.

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