Ski Xmas

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Ski Xmas GamePlay:

Perhaps you are too familiar with the image of Santa Claus riding his reindeer giving out Christmas presents to good children all over the world. In Ski Xmas at y8y8 com, you will see another side of Santa Claus. It seems he loves sports and this year, he will ski to deliver gifts. Your main goal is to keep him safe. The avalanche is coming. Santa must hurry up. Otherwise, he will be buried by snow and good children out there won’t get Christmas this year. Don’t let it happen.

Protect him at all costs. You have to keep balancing and making the jump at the right time to collect gift boxes and avoid obstacles. You have only one life and this game is similar to an endless runner game where your achievement is decided by how far you go. On, collect gifts is also your mission. Try not to miss any of them while skiing. It’s hard but you can make it. At first, you will find it hard to keep the balance.

Each time you jump, you will lean forward. At that time, you should quickly lean backward to avoid falling. The more you play, the more skillful you are. You can master each jump easily. Gifts are used to unlock new characters and upgrade character’s capacities such as balance ability and backflip power. This helps you so much. So keep upgrading if you can. This is a perfect game for Christmas and New Year.

Play it and it won’t let you down. It has a super simple concept but it’s not easy to get a high score. Enjoy the current game and other new choices such as Christmas Gift Line and Christmas Imposter Run.


Click to jump and hold to do a backflip.

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