Crazy Bunny

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (4 Player)


Crazy Bunny GamePlay:

Crazy Bunny takes you to a colorful and pixelated world where you will meet a cute friend, a bunny. This bunny needs your help. It can’t pick up carrots by itself. Here at Y8y8, there are so many games you should not miss and this is one of them. You will find it easy and challenging at the same time. You won’t directly control the bunny. Instead, you unable and enable the platforms used to block the bunny from carrots. You have to take advantage of those platforms to protect your bunny from dangers and help it reach the carrots.

It seems that you remove the platforms from this place to other places to get your job done. There is one point that you should notice. Your bunny auto-runs and it will change the running direction when it meets something that blocks its way. Base on the bunny’s running direction, you remove the platform accordingly to lead it to run to the right destination. On, you have 2 modes to explore. One is the level-based mode with 30 stages in total.

By completing the current level, the next ones are unlocked. The second mode is about time. It counts the time that you need to complete all stages. Here, when the bunny hits the obstacles, you don’t have to start once again from the first level. Instead, you restart that level. In both modes, all levels are the same and your ultimate goal is the same as well. They just differ from how you advance. However, you still find the enjoyment that each mode brings to you. So try them both.

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Controls: Tap or left-click to play.

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