Baby Hazel Learns Shapes

Rate: 80% | 4/5 (5 Player)


Baby Hazel Learns Shapes GamePlay:

It’s time to teach Baby Hazel about basic shapes in Baby Hazel Learns Shapes. So, this game offers some toy puzzles. You must complete the mission in the current level to unlock the new puzzle. Baby Hazel can play and learn at the same time. You pick up the shape of Baby Hazel’s choice and give her. Her choice is shown in the speech balloon. Then, she will put the shape in the correct location to complete the toy puzzle.

Keep Baby Hazel happy throughout the learning sessions and earn more points at y8 co m new games. Sometimes, she wants to eat candy and drink milk. Give her what she wants. You may don’t want her to cry. When she knows about the basic shapes, you can take the shape learning session to the kitchen. Your next mission is to help Baby Hazel cut and bake cookies of different shapes. With your help, she can bake some delicious cookies and enjoy them.

Now, she comes to her mother’s bedroom and plays with her mother’s stuff. Unfortunately, Baby Hazel has broken the necklace her mother loves. Fix it before she cries and her mother arrives on This game has many interesting mini-games that kids love. All of them are related to different shapes.

This is a useful playground for children to learn and play at once. It’s totally safe and enjoyable. Kids can play by themselves without parents. More baby games with different gameplay are available on our site. Check out Princess Elsa Dragon Grooming and Anna Arm Fracture Accident


Drag and drop items using your mouse.