Princess Elsa Dragon Grooming

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Princess Elsa Dragon Grooming GamePlay:

Normally, we have a dog, a cat or a parrot as pets but Elsa is different. She is a queen of ice so she owns a wonderful dragon. He is cute and he can fly. One day, he flys around the kingdom and he finds something in the jungle but unfortunately, he fell down and get injured. Elsa took him back to the castle and she needs your help to treat him.

In Princess Elsa Dragon Grooming at y8 2 player games, you groom this cute dragon and take care of it until his health is recovered completely. First of all, you clean the wounds, spit out spikes, bandage the wounds, and give him some capsules. Act just like you are a dentist. Treat him gently so he won’t feel hurt.

A few weeks later, he finally recovers. Elsa wants to hold a party to celebrate. This time, she needs your help to prepare food and drink, and decorate the hall with flowers and balloons. On, Elsa also needs to change her clothes. From a dentist, you become her stylish now. Choose for Elsa a prom dress, change her hairstyle, mix and match with accessories and a pair of high heels. Elsa invited some friends too.

This is a welcome party for Elsa’s dragon. He is so happy because he enjoys the food the atmosphere of the party and most importantly, he won’t have to stay in the castle anymore, he can fly around now. Are you happy for him? Check out other games related to Disney princesses such as Disney Princesses Underwear Party and Restaurant And Cooking

How to play:

Enjoy the game with your mouse.