Baby Fashion Tailor Shop

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Baby Fashion Tailor Shop GamePlay:

Baby Fashion Tailor Shop is a fun game for kids, for adults, and for everyone who loves fashion and design. At y8 com, you play as a little fashion tailor and you run your own fashion tailor shop. Let’s start a new day by changing your own outfit and welcome your customers. This game has 3 parts including clean the floor, dress up, and design. Firstly, you have to use a vacuum to clean the floor. Next, you change your outfit with different choices.

Mix and match to create your favorite fashion combination and after that, your first customer will enter your shop. Look at each customer order and start designing. You do everything from choosing fabrics, sketching patterns, cutting, and sewing. Each stage has a detailed instruction, so you just need to follow what appears on the screen to complete the project. On, after the outfit is finished, you give it to your customer and charge. Then, you start working on a new project for another customer.

This game suits kids because its gameplay and controls are simple and enjoyable. Kids can play by themselves without their parents. It will show them how a fashion piece is made. It is not the same in real life but somewhat introduces them to the outfit design. They can play several times and enjoy a different experience each time. How cool it is when kids can become a tailor and have a special shop.

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How to play:

Use your left click to do everything.

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