Pony Fluttershy Baby Birth

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Pony Fluttershy Baby Birth GamePlay:

Pony Fluttershy Baby Birth is one of the most lovely and attractive game for children at y8y8y8 girl games. With simple gameplay, this game is very suitable for children, especially girls because of its lovely features. Here, you need to complete many tasks to help Pony born angels. First, you need to help her to collect the necessary items such as bottles, nipples, toys and other items. The second task for you is to decorate the trolley with bright and harmonious colors at y8 games of 2018.

Finally, your important task is to take care of and help Pony welcome the little angel with y8 2018. Please follow the steps below! The first step is to check the health of Pony and her baby with a stethoscope. Then, you need to apply the gel to prepare the baby. Next, you need to measure blood pressure and sedative injection. Finally, you need to support her breathing with oxygen and push to give birth. Once the angel is born, you have to continue to care for the baby such as cleaning the body, playing toys, changing diapers, wearing socks and wrapping the body with a towel.

Then you can take the baby out to play with your trolley. This is an interesting and lovely job, right? Don’t hesitate anymore! Play Pony Fluttershy Baby Birth and laugh happily everytime right now! Besides, there are some other games that are very interesting and attractive such as Papa's Bakeria .Check them!


Follow the steps on the screen by using the mouse on the computer.

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