Armored aces Among - Imposter

Rate: 66.7% | 3.3/5 (3 Player)


Armored aces Among - Imposter GamePlay:

Simple doesn’t mean boring. The joy can come from the simplicity and Armored Aces Among Imposter is such a game. Y8 offers a huge collection of games. You can play many shooting games, puzzle games, actions game, and more. Each genre varies in gameplay. What about driving games? This time, our main character is a simple driving game. It's so simple that there isn't much to describe it. However, with someone who doesn’t usually play driving games, this game can be quite challenging.

In a three-seat tank, there are 3 imposters. Your job is to bring both the tank and 3 imposters to the finish line. Bring here means drive the tank. You will face many obstacles along the way. The road itself is a challenge. You have to go through mountains and hills. If you’re not good at driving and keeping balance, your tank can be flipped over and you can’t move further.

On, as mentions above, this is a simple driving game, so it doesn’t offer any special items or a garage filled with new tanks for you to discover except for only one collectible item which is the gas tank. It fills your gas bar placed at the top left of the screen. You will not be limited by time or something like that. The only challenge here is that you have to conquer the rough road with many obstacles.

However, if you want to make the game more exciting and challenging, just set a goal by yourself such as reach the finish line within a certain amount of time or collect a certain number of coins, even though coins are useless in this game. So enjoy it and explore more fun games such as Pyramid Party and Rope Slash : Bow Master

Controls: Left/right arrow keys to drive.

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