Mine Coin Adventure 2

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Mine Coin Adventure 2 GamePlay:

Normally, to mine something, you need to use a special tool and spend a lot of time and effort as well as money. Now, there is a simpler method that makes sure you have golds but in a relaxing way. In Mine Coin Adventure 2 at y8 2 player, you have to use your intelligence and your problem-solving skills to solve 24 puzzles and collect tons of gold. Are you ready for such a big surprise? Let’s start mining.

All you need to do is to rotate the rotatable platforms and cut the role hang a golden coin with M to make it move to the heap of gold. However, along the way, you have to collect 3 other coins. To unlock the next level, you have to have at least one coin at this current level on http://m.y8y8y8.games/. As you level up, you will find it harder to find the best solution to reach your target.

More obstacles will appear and the puzzles become more tricky. This game is about the rule of the physics puzzle. To complete the mission, you need to observe everything appear on the screen and plan the movement first before implementing it. Puzzle games can bring you joy but also make you stress.

Besides, there is no clue or suggestion here. You have to rely on yourself to get gold. Try different ways and play any levels many times to find the best solution. Relax with many games on our site such as Ninja Runs 3D and Children Doctor Dentist

How to play:

Use your mouse to cut the rope.

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