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Tap To Break is all about tapping to break things as its name. It’s a puzzle game in which you can find a lot of fun and cute things. Everyone can play this game because it’s not too challenging. You can handle it well like other games you have played at Y8y8. Each level requires you to break the wood blocks to make the dung roll toward the little dung beetle. You know what dung beetles eat, don’t you? Well, don’t take about such a thing.

Let’s focus on the gameplay. So to complete each level, as mentioned above, you have to make the dung reach the dor beetle by breaking the right woodblocks. Make sure you choose the right ones to avoid making the dung run away from your dor beetle. You are sure to meet many obstacles because it’s a puzzle game. You have to find the best solution to the final goal.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, you have only one try in each level. If the dung falls, you have to start that level. There is no way to bring it back except for restarting. In short, this game is simple, simple in gameplay, control, and even graphics but it promises to bring you a great gaming time. Remember that the dor beetle stays still. You can’t move it around. The only thing that can move is the poop and you need to roll the poop into the little bug to fill his empty stomach up. A level has many solutions. There is no such thing as the best solution.

Whatever you do, just make sure you succeed. Have a great day and the following games are the best options you should have a try: 2048 Drop and Amoung us - Subway Surfers.

How to play: Tap or click.

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