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Welcome a new multiplayer FPS with sci-fi theme just added to y8 boys games called The galaxy is being dragged into chaos because the intergalactic union is collapsing. Your mission is to save the peace before it’s too late. jump into the Normal mode in which you have to try your best to kill as many enemies as possible within 2 minutes. Or you can deal with challenges where you have to kill 40 enemies in Deathmatch mode.

Try both modes to enjoy different gameplay and experience. This game features portals and jump platforms. Portals will send you from this position to another position while jump platforms help you jump to the high place. Take advantage of them to save your life and take other players’life. You can respawn after death. Winning or losing depends on the number of enemies you have killed.

On, you will have a special shooting experience like never before. In the sci-fi theme, you join the fight from the future and use futuristic weapons to destroy opponents and win. The battle is epic, thrilling and enjoyable so you can’t wait to play several times and want to play more in your spare time.

The 2-minute battle is neither long nor short, enough for you to enjoy all the excitement of the battle. Dealing with other players around the world adds even more joy into the game and you will face the real challenge.

How to play:

WASD, ZQSD, arrow keys to move

Mouse to aim and shoot

Right-click to ironsight or zoom

R to reload

Hold Shift to run

C to crouch

Spacebar to jump

P or Tab to pause.

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