Break The Snowman Xmas

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Break The Snowman Xmas GamePlay:

It’s snowing and Christmas is around the corner. Besides delicious Xmas treat, you may want to play some games related to this holiday. Why not? Playing with snow is fun but if you don’t want to go outside and touch your warm hand to cold snow, then let’s stay inside your house, visit y8 juegos and play Break The Snowman Xmas. Snow and Xmas theme is here for you. With 40 levels with different solutions, you need to move a snowman head without a hat strategically and let it break the snowman head with a hat.

Sound easy, right? You can easily finish some of the first levels without any problem but as you level up, more challenging puzzles are waiting for you. Each level looks like a puzzle that you have to find the best solution to solve. Unlike other games with many levels, all stages in this game are unlocked, so you can choose and play any level at your preference. However, you are better to start from the first one and advance gradually through the game.

On, you must take advantage of the fixed blocks that appear differently in each level to approach your target and make a hit. These blocks play as a platform to hold the snowman without a hat so that it won’t slip off the screen. Look around to visualize a possible path to hit your target using these blocks.

You have only one life in each level. If your snowman moves in the wrong direction, then you fail and you have to start once again. Have fun and don’t forget to explore more games like Groovy Ski and Tyra Runner


Use arrow keys to move your snowman.

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