Tank Stars

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Tank Stars GamePlay:

Tank Stars is a fun turn-based tank shooter game in which you have to blow up your enemy first to advance. Enjoy the battle and take actions to a whole new level by battling with your tank at y8 games online 2 player. Grab the victory, earn rewards and use the money to upgrade some weapons such as light rocket, heavy rocket, self aiming rocket, frozen rocket, and fire rain. Each weapon has its stats and power to help you destroy your enemy’s tank.

There are 2 players in a match. The match ends when the final winner is found out. Is it you or your enemy? To win the battle, you have to aim and lock your target accurately, then send him a rocket to make the tank being destroyed. Take advantage of all your turn to become the first one who blows up the enemy’s tank first.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, you will go through various battlefields and experience many battles as well as deal with many enemies who are stronger over time. So, upgrading is really important. This increases your strength, your power which helps to blow the enemy’s tank easier and faster. Move around, make use of the terrain, and aim and shoot directly on your opponent. They also take advantage of their turn to send you to hell. Don’t let them make it.

This game is a true gem on our site that keeps you entertain for hours with tons of levels. You can’t wait to play until you reach the final stage for sure. Prove your skills and grab the victory that you deserve. Have fun with other choices such as ShellShock Live and Stealth Prison Escape


Click on the buttons on the screen to move, aim and shoot.

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