Stickman Warfield

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Stickman Warfield GamePlay:

One of the best strategy and shooter games is available at Y8y8 games. It brings you to the epic battle where you have to defeat your enemy before they invade your country. Feel the heat of the battlefield and shoot your way through each group of enemy soldiers to take their flag and win. Yes, your ultimate goal is to seize the enemy flag. If they get your flag, they win and if you get their flag, you win.

Here, you have to use your brain in terms of recruiting different classes and send them to the battlefield at the right time. Timing your action and choose the right action is the key to victory. There are 5 different classes including Rifle, Sub-machine gun, Pistol, Sniper, and Bazooka. Make sure you always have a unit that holds a pistol in your force because you can call a rain of rocket and kill several enemy soldiers at the same time.

On, to make use of rocket rain effectively, you should wait until enemy soldiers gather in one place. Each class has 4 levels of upgrades. Whenever you have money, you should upgrade to increase their strength. You earn money when you win the match. 18 exciting levels are 18 thrilling battles where you have to make smart moves. Use your money generously to recruit more units. The more soldiers you have, the higher chance you win. How dare they invade your territory? They will end up with a big failure with their stupid plan.

The glorious victory will be in your hand. General, let's teach those invaders an unforgettable lesson. Break a leg and don’t forget to check out other games on our site such as Call Of Tanks and Pixel Zombies.

Instructions: Mouse, Space, and left/right arrow keys to play.