Stickman Dash

Rate: 82.2% | 4.1/5 (18 Player)


Stickman Dash GamePlay:

Act sneakily to infiltrate criminal organizations and kill each criminal, in turn, are what you are going to do in Stickman Dash at y8 skill games. This is an exciting assassin game that brings to you a unique experience unlike other games of the same type. Here, all you need do have to be quick. You have to cover yourself and don’t let any enemies find out. You will deal with some enemies in each level and each enemy holds a flashlight in the hand.

When the light turns red, it means you are exposed and your life ends there. So, don’t approach your enemy when you are not sure to kill them. Just move forward to them when you think you’re sure to kill an enemy with one hit. Otherwise, you lose your life without having any chance to escape. Your character auto-attack when he comes close enough to the enemy. You have to observe the surround to navigate and approach your enemies intelligently.

On, after some levels, you will deal with a boss. It’s hard to tell that you can kill him or not but let’s try. If you fail, you start that level once again instead of the first level. Don’t forget to collect gems to unlock new swords in the store. You don’t have any upgrades or power-ups in this game but you can take advantage of the bounce of the wall to attack enemies and avoid the attacks.

Once you make use of the wall properly, you can easily finish your mission without having to try once more time. Good luck and if you’re ready for the next challenges, let’s play Brave Warriors and Boat Dash.


Change the direction by using your mouse.