Duel of wizards

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Duel of wizards GamePlay:

You’re sure to have many chances to play as a hero, a ninja, a sniper, and so on. What about a wizard? It’s time to show the world that you are the most powerful wizard out there. Your time has come in Due of Wizards at Y8 boys games. Jump into the epic 1v1 battle where you have to kill your opponent by casting spells. Your wizard looks like a ragdoll and you will find it hard to control it.

It will jump and bump around. Aiming and casting spells on your opponent is not easy as it seems to be. The good news is you will not be limited in attacking the target. The fastest way to defeat the target is to continuously cast spells. Don’t give your opponent any chance to damage you. You can see a bar of HP below each character. The player who runs out of HP first is the loser.

The game doesn’t feature any special items that increase your power or recover your HP. Just jump around to avoid being attacked and cast as many spells on your opponents as possible. This is one of the best games that feature 2-play mode at https://m.y8y8y8.games/. With 2-player mode, you can fight against your friend on the same device. It may be better to play with your friend than fight against the CPU, right?

With one-button control and interesting gameplay, you will have a great gaming time here. It sounds so simple but it’s not easy to win over your opponent. If you don’t believe it, just have a check. Besides, enjoy other games such as Time Shooter and Zombie Mission X.

Controls: Player 1 uses S and Player 2 uses the down arrow key to play.

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