Sniper Killer

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Sniper Killer GamePlay:

Sniper Killer is an addicting shooter game at in which you play as a sniper. You just get a mission which is to kill a group of bad guys at the top of a building. From afar, make use of your shooting skill to shoot them down. You hide in one place and use the scope of your sniper to aim and shoot at each enemy. At each level, you have to kill a certain number of enemies but don’t worry that you will fail because you have unlimited bullets.

Try to aim at your enemy’s head and shoot, a headshot makes your enemy die immediately while shooting at other body parts only makes them lose some health points, which means you have to shoot the second or the third time to kill your target. Aiming and shooting directly is not the only way to kill your enemies. Look around to locate the crates filled with TNT. When you shoot at those crates in this y8y8y8 games, everything will blow up. Besides, there are also switches. Shooting at them will activate something that can take all enemies’ life.

Making use of those props flexibly to help you pass the level easily. With each successful mission, you earn money and you can use the money to unlock new weapons. You also have some bonus levels where you can unlock 3 gold crates filled with money. With different sniper guns and your skills, you can kill various targets at a long distance with ease. Nothing can stop a skillful sniper like you, right? Have a great time here and don’t forget to check out other cool games such as Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Light Temple and MathPup Math Adventure

How to play: Mouse.

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