Temporary Tattoo

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Temporary Tattoo GamePlay:

Temporary Tattoo is an easy and interesting simulator game at Y8 com 2 players where you play as a great tattoo artist who owns a popular tattoo studio. You always advise your clients to try a temporary tattoo before getting inked for real and your studio offers that service. You welcome so many clients each day and today is also a busy day. Your main job is to choose a tattoo that fits each customer and apply it to them.

They will post a picture of the temporary to the social media and let’s see how many likes they will get with that tattoo. It’s easy to apply a temporary tattoo. First of all, you pick a tattoo between two options. After that, you apply it to the body part that your customer wants to have a tattoo. Next, you spray warm water on it and peel off the paper. That’s it. A cool tattoo is created. Wait to see if the tattoo that you choose for this customer gets much love or not.

This is one of the simplest games at https://m.y8y8y8.games/ that even kids can play without any help. With only a few steps, you finish a tattoo. You don’t have time to rest because lots of customers are waiting. It’s busy but it’s fun, right? There is nothing happier than seeing customers satisfied with your work. The temporary tattoo collection is huge. You have unlimited choices to choose from and every customer will find at least 1 tattoo that fits their style.

Explore it and have an enjoyable working day. Don’t forget to challenge yourself with new missions in other games such as Baby Panda Care and Lovely Streamers

How to play: Mouse.

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